Canterbury Golf Club

East Kent League 2019

Canterbury are one of six clubs in the top flight of the East Kent League and each plays the other five teams on a home and away basis.

The competition is the oldest and most prestigious of the leagues in which Canterbury compete and attracts the best golfers from among the participating clubs.

There are 10 players in each team and they compete in a four-ball betterball format, with three matches played off scratch and the remaining two matches played off handicaps, the maximum of which is six.

Canterbury have won the league on a number of occasions, the most recent in 2016 and 2017, and they also won the league cup on both occasions. Last season, the second with John Coupe as manager, the club won the Guilford Trophy, an annual scratch knockout competition involving other East Kent golf clubs.

The Kent Foursomes is also a scratch competition in which all competing clubs are represented by two pairs in a one-leg format. Both games are played over the full 18 holes and the winners are determined by the aggregate score of the two contests.

Canterbury's league fixtures 2019

Sat, April 6 v Ashford (h)

Won 5-0

Levi Johnson/Cameron Lombard won 2-1

Shaun Pilbeam/John Coupe won 1up

Dean Danton/Jez Iddenden won 4-2

John MacDonald/Ashley Iddenden won 6-5

Max Rutherford/Mark Broadhurst won 2-1

Sat, April 27 v Prince's (a)

Lost 3-2

Levi Johnson/Dean Danton won 2-1

JezIddenden/John Coupe halved

Mark Broadhurst/Shaun Pilbeam halved

Richard Beer/Kurt Bryant lost 5-4

Ashley Iddenden/Mark Lambton lost 4-3

Sat, May 11 v Chestfield (a)

Lost 3 to 2

Dean Danton/Jez Iddenden won 1up

John Coupe/Liam Kirkham won 4-3

Shaun Pilbeam/Mark Broadhurst lost 4-3

Kurt Bryant/Mark Williams lost 3-2

Mark Lambton/Lee Tidy lost 5-4 

Sat, June 1 v Ashford (a)

Won 2-3

Josh Bristow and Shaun Pilbeam won 1 up

Levi Johnson and John MacDonald lost 1 down

Jez Iddenden and John Coupe won 6&4

Mark Broadhurst and Adam Davis lost 1 down

Liam  Kirkham and Richard Beer won 3-2

Sat, June 8 v Littlestone (h)

Won 4-1

Levi Johnson and John MacDonald won 2&1

Dean Danton and Jez Iddenden won 3&2

Shaun Pilbeam and John Coupe halved

Mike Bidwell and Mark Williams won 2&1

Steve Lloyd and Richard Beer halved

Sat, June 15 v Sene Valley (h)

Won 4-1

Josh Bristow and Liam Kirkham won 7-5

Shaun Pilbeam and John MacDonald won 3-2

Dean Danton and John Coupe won 3-2

Ashley Iddenden and Adam Davies lost 3-2

Steve Lloyd and Kurt Bryant won 2-1

Sat, July 20 v Chestfield (h)

Won 4-1

Levi Johnson and Shaun Pilbeam won 3-2

Dean Danton and Mike Bidwell won 4-3

John Coupe and Adam Davies won 3-2

Liam Kirkham and Harry Fagg lost 2 down

Mark Broadhurst and Owen Fagg won 2-1

Sat, July 27 v Sene Valley (a)

Won 2-3.

Josh Bristow and Cameron Lombard won 9-8

Levi Johnson and Shaun Pilbeam won 4-3

Dean Danton and John Coupe won 5-4

John MacDonald and Mark Broadhurst lost 4-3

Liam Kirkham and Brandon Ware lost 3-2

Sat, Sept 14 v Littlestone (a)

Won 2-3

Levi Johnson and Shaun Pilbeam lost 2-1.

Jez Iddenden and Liam Kirkham won 1 up.

Richard Beer and Harry Fagg lost 3-2.

Kurt Bryant and Owen Fagg won 2 up.

Mark Lambton and Brandon Ware won 3-2.

S at 19th Oct  v Princes (h)

Won 4-1

Josh Bristow and Jez Iddenden won 1up

Levi Johnson and Shaun Pilbeam won 4-3

Dean Danton and John Coupe won 5-4

John MacDonald and Mark Lambton lost 2–1

Owen Fagg and Brandon Ware won 4-3

League Cup

First round: Sat, Mar 30 v Littlestone (h)

Won 4 1/2 to 1/2

Levi Johnson/Shaun Pilbeam won 3-2

Josh Bristow/Jez Iddenden won 8-7

Mark Broadhurst/Lee Tidy won 2-1

Kurt Bryant/Max Rutherford halved

Liam/Mike Bidwell won 4-3

Second Round: Sat, 20th April v Sene Valley (a)

Won 2-3

Mike Bidwell/John MacDonald won 2-1

Dean Danton/Jez Iddenden won 5-4

Kurt Bryant/Steve Lloyd lost 4-3

Mark Broadhurst/Lee Tidy won 1up

Ashley Iddenden/Liam Kirkham lost 3-2

Sunday June 9.

Third Round: Sun, 9th June v Princes (a)

Won 2-3

Jez Iddenden and Dean Danton won 3&2

Steve Lloyd and Adam Davis lost 2&1

Ashley Iddenden and Richard Beer lost 2&1

Mark Lambton and Brandon Ware won 4&3

Mark Williams and Brett Davis won 4&2

Semi Final: Sun 28th Jul v Tudor Park 

Won 3-2

John Coupe and Cameron Lombard won 2-1

Dean Danton and Mike Bidwell won 5-4

Ashley Iddenden and Owen Fagg won 2-1

Mark Broadhurst and Lee Tidy lost 2-1

Mark Lambton and Brandon Ware lost 2-1

Final: Sat 24th Aug v Gillingham

Played at Broome Park

Won 3.5-1.5

Levi Johnson and Shaun Pilbeam lost 2-1

JOHN coupe and Dean Danton won 3-1

Mike Bidwell and Brandon Ware won 2-1

Lee Tidy and Owen Fagg won 2-1

Laim Kirkham and Mark Lambton halved

Guilford Trophy

First round: Sun, May 26 v Bearsted (h)

Won 8.5 -3.5


Jez Iddenden/Dean Danton won 4-3

Levi Johnson/Laim Kirkham won 3-2

Mark Broadhurst/John MacDonald won 2-1

John Coupe/Cameron Lombard halved


Levi Johnson lost 2-1

Jez Iddenden won 8-7

Dean Danton lost 6-5

John MacDonald won 8-7

John Coupe lost 3-2

Cameron Lombard won 2-1

Mark Broadhurst won 3-2

Liam Kirkham won 6-5

Second round: Sat 10th Aug v North Foreland (a)

Won 7.5 - 4.5


Josh Bristow/Cameron Lombard lost 2&1

Levi Johnson/Liam Kirkham won 3&2

Mike Bidwell/John MacDonald lost 4&3

Dean Danton/Jez Iddenden won 6&5


Josh Bristow won 6&5

Levi Johnson won 4&2

Dean Danton won 2 holes

Cameron Lombard won 2&1

Jez Iddenden won 3&2

Liam Kirkham half

Mike Bidwell lost 1 hole 

John MacDonald retired 

Semi Final: Sun 22nd Sept v Littlestone (a)

Won 8.5 - 3.5


Josh Bristow/Cameron Lombard won 3-1

Levi Johnson/Liam Kirkham halved

Dean Danton/Jez Iddenden lost 1 down

John Coupe/Mike Bidwell won 5-4


Josh Bristow won 4-3

Mike Bidwell lost 4 down

Liam Kirkham lost 2 down

Dean Danton won 2-1

Levi Johnson won 2-1

John Coupe won 1up

Jez Iddenden won 1up

Cameron Lombard won 2-1

Final: Sat 28th Oct  v Sheerness at Royal Cinque Ports

Won 8.5 to 3.5


Levi Johnson/Shaun Pilbeam won 3-2

John MacDonald/Cameron Lombard halved

John Coupe/Dean Danton won 7-6

Mike Bidwell/Liam Kirkham lost 4-3


Levi Johnson won 1up

Mike Bidwell halved

Shaun Pilbeam won 4up

Cameron Lombard won 4up

Dean Danton halved

John Coupe won 4up

John MacDonald halved

Liam Kirkham halved

County final

Sun, Apr 21 v Rochester and Cobham at Langley Park (8.30am start)

Lost 7.5 to 4.5


Dean Danton/Jez Iddendenlost 3-2

Levi Johnson/Max Rutherford lost 4-3

Shaun Pilbeam/John Coupe won 3-2

Josh Bristow/Mark Broadhurst won 2-1


Mark Broadhurst lost 2-1

Levi Johnson halved

Dean Danton lost 1 down

Josh Bristow won 3-2

Jez Iddenden won 1up

Shaun Pilbeam lost 4-3

John Coupe lost 2-1

Max Rutherford lost 4-3

Kent Foursomes

First round: Sat, May 4 v Hever Castle (h) 

Won by 10 holes

Dean Danton/John Coupe halved

Josh Bristow/Shaun Pilbeam won by 10 holes

Second Round: Sat, May 18th v Sheerness

Lost by 1 hole

Josh Bristow/Liam Kirkham lost 1 down

Dean Danton/John Coupe halved

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