Canterbury Golf Club

Hole 12

Par 4


White 365 yards 1
Yellow 354 yards 1
Red 357 yards 1
Blue 282 yards 1

Ditch on the left

Much of the left hand side of this hole has a ditch running along it. The stakes for this ditch are red. It is a ‘lateral water hazard’. The rules for playing from it are the same as those for yellow stakes except:

  • •You can choose to take a penalty drop on either side; irrespective of the side the ball entered the hazard.
  • •You must drop within two club lengths of the edge of the hazard. This is marked by the red stakes.


Occasionally players opt to play the ball when it is in this hazard. If you choose to do this, be aware of the rules on grounding your club in a hazard.

Grounding your club in a hazard

  • •If you ground your club in a hazard, it is a two stroke penalty or loss of hole in match play (rule 13.4b).
  • •The only exception is if you ground the club to keep your balance if you are likely to fall (rule 13.3 exception 1(a)).
  • •You have to touch the ground to ground your club.  Touching the top part of long grass does not count as grounding your club.

Note; you cannot touch or move loose impediments, such as leaves, in the hazard with either your hand or club. This is a two stroke penalty or loss of hole in match play.  You can walk on loose impediments as you enter the hazard and stand on them when you take up your normal stance (see rule 13.4c).

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