Canterbury Golf Club

Hole 13

Par 4


White 380 yards 13
Yellow 370 yards 13
Red 417 yards 13
Blue 221 yards 13

Plugged ball

The tee for this hole is quite high and it is possible to plug your ball in the earth, especially in the winter.

A ball is plugged if it is embedded in its own pitch-mark (rule 25-2)

  • •In summer, if you plug the ball on the fairway, you get a free drop (rule 25-2).
  • •If you plug your ball in the rough and want to drop it, this will be a one stroke penalty.
  • •When winter rules are in place, you get a free drop from any plugged lie, either on the fairway or in the rough.


Dropping from a plugged lie

  • •You cannot repair the area where a ball plugged before you take your shot.
  • •When you take a penalty drop, you can drop the ball within two club lengths, no nearer the hole.
  • •When it is a free drop, you must drop your ball as near as is possible to the position it was plugged (rule 25-2).
  • •If the ball rolls back into the original plug, you can drop it again without penalty.

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