Canterbury Golf Club

Hole 9

Par 5


White 499 yards 10
Yellow 477 yards 10
Red 404 yards 8
Blue 345 yards 10

Overhead cables

As with the 7 th Hole, if your ball hits one of the electrical cables you must replay the shot, without penalty, from the original position. You cannot elect to continue to play the original ball (local rule 6).

Landing amongst the trees

There are trees on both the left and right hand sides of this fairway. Occasionally, a ball comes to rest among them.

If you elect to hit a ball in an area where there are overhanging branches, be careful when you take your practice swing. If you hit a tree and dislodge anything, a leaf or a branch in your intended swing path, then you are improving the line of your swing. This is a two shot penalty or loss of hole in match play (rule 13-2).

If you hit a tree and dislodge something during your actual swing, either in the backswing or follow through, there is no penalty (rule 13-2).


There are also bushes on the left of this fairway and behind the green.
There is no penalty if you dislodge something when standing in or on a bush when
you are fairly taking your stance (rule 13-2).

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