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How to take your form from the range to the Course

Five years ago all our lessons took place on the driving range but we found that despite improving golfers games during a lesson they were unable to consistently take that form to the golf course.

Well this was pretty frustrating not just for our clients but also for us, so we decided to do something about it.

It was simple really, make most of our lessons on-course based.  This way they could work on hitting their drives down real fairways with real hazards. During the same lesson we could work on sloping lies, bunker shots, chipping in fact whatever the golfer wanted to do.

The results were instant.  Our clients would take their form from the lesson to the course and do you know what the side affect was?

They loved the lessons.  No more just hitting balls from a matt with one club out into a field.  They were learning to play golf in the same place they wanted to see improvement…ON THE GOLF COURSE.

Does that mean we don’t take lessons on the range?  Of course not, when learning something brand new we may start on the range but will always aim to take our clients as soon as we can on to the course.

This is always where the real learning takes place and its loads of fun.

This is what some of our clients are saying:

 “In addition to tuition on the range Danny recognizes that golf on the course is different again. Danny always takes me out, on every lesson, to put into practice on the golf course what we have covered previously on the range. This has made all the difference to me and my game.”

Tim Oldfield, Managing Director Lloyds Bank

“Having had lessons previously over the years at various clubs when I came to see Paul after a recommendation from a friend how refreshing to actually learn on the course.  It made so much sense.  Not only has my handicap been coming down after years of steady increases but it was so much more fun.”

  Sheila Jennings

Lesson Prices

Half Hour - £35

Buy 6 Get 1 FREE - £210

1 Hour - £65

Buy 6 Get 1 Free - £390

2 Hour - £120

Buy 6 Get 1 FREE - £720

Further information is available. Call today. 01227 462865


We don’t do complicated!!


All our coaches are fully qualified PGA Golf Professionals and experts in the field of game improvement coaching everyone from the humble beginner to top amateurs and golf professionals.

We have mastered the art of delivering information in an easy and simple way, ensuring the pupil has technical competency, alongside a clear vision of what they are trying to achieve.

Simply, we understand that there is a minefield of information available and we want to help you on the right path without over complicating the process.

Our results speak for themselves; with over 76 winners in 2012 and already 57 this year we seem to be doing something right. So, if you’re a regular player or simply looking at giving golf a go, come and see the team that gets results.

There are as many people leaving the game of golf every year as start it. Unfortunately, the amount of information available that claims to improve your game in magazines, online, the golf channel etc is making the game sound far more complex than it actually is.

Money Back Guarantee

It really isn’t…but please don’t just take our word for it.  We have hundreds of testimonials and we fully back what we say with a money back guarantee.  If you feel you have made no progress after lesson 1 you don’t have to pay us.

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